Gibson L48 1963 Honey Burst

$ 2000.00

I am the third owner of this pristine piece of Gibson history. Had it thoroughly inspected by the owner and luthier of Canyon Acoustic Guitars in Loveland Colorado. Repairs included; repaired one tuner, reset and leveled 4 frets, oiled the neck and polished the body. No “belt buckle” wear or scratches.

I’ve had several requests as to year of manufacture. I contacted Gibson and they said “either 1963 or 1967 for that serial #. Gibson was not famous for specific tracking of #’s. I was referred to Walter Carter, owner of Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville TN by Gibson. I sent the pictures posted herein and relayed the story from the 2nd owner and Mr. Carter agreed, the guitar is a 1963. I asked him for a value based upon the pictures and he stated $2,000 which I have in his email. This is what he would price it at in his store.

She plays like a dream and sounds even better. Includes the original case which is in need of repair/restoration by a luggage or upholstery shop. Price includes shipping.