Gibson B25 Deluxe early 1970s

$ 750.00

Gibson B25 Deluxe. Found this about ten years ago in an “antiques” shop in the present condition. Likely had a new bridge installed. There is a piece missing from at top of sound hole. I don’t know if the Grover Deluxe tuners are original or not. A top crack has been repaired inside — seems solid. Lots of finish crackling. Some back of neck wear around first couple of frets. I bit of fret and fingerboard wear in lower positions.

Yes it is far from pristine but it has a very pretty sound — sweet and light. I have used to record with if I wanted a softer, but still Gibson-like sound.

Action is nice for what I used it for — folky stuff. I have it stringed with light silk core strings because it looks a bit fragile for anything heavier. Nice finger picker but also gives a woody, old-timey sound with a pick. I don’t have original case but would provide one for shipping.