Gibson B-45-12 12-string 1965 Natural

$ 1899.00

Gibson B-45-12 12-string
1965, Natural
This vintage Gibson 12-string is in very nice shape, especially considering its age, and it has aged like wine. Structurally sound: remarkably flat (undistorted) top, no loose binding.

The adjustable floating saddle has been removed, and replaced with a custom rosewood and bone saddle which makes direct contact with the top. This improved the tone and brought out the best of this jumbo dread body.

The trapeze tailpiece and Gibson scale both contribute to making this an easy playing 12-string.

Finish crazing everywhere on body and headstock. Dings and wear as pictured.  Some loose finish that had chipped at neck heel and side has been spot repaired (pictured). Condition as pictured.  

Frets have been leveled and polished, so there’s no fret wear.

Original tuners (Kluson Deluxe 6-on-a-plate) work fine, but some tuners turn with more resistance than others.

The original floating ADJ cannot be reinstalled without removing the bridge and installing new hardware (not included). The traditional oversized saddle that’s currently installed is better anyway.

Case not included. Will package with extreme care and double-wall cardboard.