Framus Hootenanny 12-string 1966 John Lennon

$ 3999.00

Framus Hootenanny 12-string Model 5/024
On consignment.
Believed to be a ’66.

Rare guitar sought by collectors. The model made famous by John Lennon, who used the guitar on Help and Rubber Soul…You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away, Polythene Pam, various others, and seen in the Help! movie.
Please contact for more pics.

Fair cosmetic condition / condition as pictured. Plenty of checking, repairs, and refinished areas
Strings are high, as pictured, and the bridge is fully lowered, so it would benefit from a lower-profile bridge, or neck reset. Hence, I’ve listed overall condition as poor (in accordance with Reverb’s Conditions guidelines), as it needs some work to get it in nice playing condition.

Includes case, as pictured. Case has  tolex peeling, some duct tape, but is functional, and would benefit from some repairs.