Crafter DX-5SR Custom solid Rosewood acoustic guitar- r a r e and incredible

$ 430.00

* Sorry for the re-list- potential buyer couldn’t make the trip to buy locally. *
Also including a free, nicely padded black/silver soft case.

I bought this years ago brand new- time to pass along to an acoustic lover.

Not available at all in the US as far as I know- list price was $1,300.00 in 2008.
(A couple of these on ebay now for over 800.00, from Overseas.)

The top is AAA solid spruce- the body all solid Rosewood.
This guitar has LOTS of top Bearclaw which my camera failed to pick up…
I’d say barely just a few varnish light marks- this is in magnificent shape.
Frets are smooth- neck is straight- perfect super low action.  Tusq nut/saddle.
Grover 18:1 gold/amber tuners and truss rod turn smoothly.  1 11/16″ at nut.
The sound of this rare guitar…unbelievably rich and deep and musical.
The big strings have a lot of boom boom bass- the mids a refined piano-like quality.
This is way better than a comparable solid rose Yairi I once owned- and on par with a
1970’s Yamaha Custom I also owned.  Definition and complexity from another World.
I believe my asking price is great and I just can’t ask for a penny less.
Lower US 48 only- I have a fine box and tons of bubble wrap- will get to you fine.
What will this price get you here- or anywhere?  Some generic, boring solid top?
Thanks for looking.