Breedlove 25th Anniversary Limited 27/50 Concert Guitar Brazilian Rosewood

$ 1623.67

This guitar was lent to a friend, who carelessly had dropped it on stage, which caused 2 cracked lines on the beautiful Brazilian Rosewood back (OLD-GROWTH STRAIGHT GRAIN BEST Brazilian Rosewood). Selling this guitar @ a very low price of 1500 USD. Any Brazilian Concert or OM now starts from 4000 at least!

The Top is Salvaged Stika from Alaska, which is very balanced & powerful!

Top& sides are in original condition, the back needs a luthier or handyman to glue & fix the 2 cracked lines, which shouldn’t be hard to touch up, straight neck & original frets are factory-NEW but adjustment of this bolt-on neck is recommended for easy playability!

My buddy’s fault cause me this big loss & my loss is your gain. A few hundred bucks more to fix this back & this guitar will be the Holygrail guitar of all tonewoods!

Has all legal documents cites to ship worldwide! Legal Brazilian Rosewood! Ships & travels FREELY EVERYWHERE on earth !