Blanchard Tamarack 2008

$ 9500.00

If you’re looking at this you hopefully already know what to expect from the build quality of this guitar. Mark Blanchard makes some of the finest sounding and playing guitars anywhere! The Tamarack is a “do everything” guitar. It’s slightly bigger than his OM (“Bristlecone”), yet not as big and cavernous as the jumbo (“Sequoia”). It will fingerpick with perfect clarity and projection and strum with rich bass and powerful trebles. Anyone who has played a Blanchard speaks of something very few luthiers achieve: “fat/thick trebles”. Yep. Clear as a bell and by no means thin or too sparkly…just tone and volume!

This is a 2008 with 1 3/4 nut, 25.6” scale, wonderful neck with no warping and no humidity issues. Manzer wedge body making it SUPER comfy to play and snuggle up with on the sofa. Panama rosewood, dense mahogany neck, European spruce top with Brazilian headstock overlay.

This is a well-played guitar, but also very well-taken care of: only minor swirling and very light scratches or tiny dings…nothing that comes close to breaking/cracking the finish. It’s in absolute beautiful condition and plays like a 14y/o guitar should. Comes with original Cedar Creek custom fit case.

A new guitar with These specs would cost you right around $15,000. This is yours for $9500.