Baritone Weissenborn, Celtic Cross 2006

$ 1850.00

Here is a 2006 Celtic Cross baritone Weissenborn style guitar. It was custom built for me by Neil Russel, in British Columbia. It’s an exceptionally warm and powerful instrument. for a guitar of its size (30″ scale), it’s light, agile and a joy to play. It’s sounds like a cross between a harp and a thunderstorm. It can be tuned B to B, but I’ve especially enjoyed lowering it to A////A. Because of the height of the strings across the hollow neck, you can lay into the bottom end without any possibility of slap and buzz. A unique and gorgeous sound comes out of this guitar.

The top and sides are mahogany, the back is padouk, and the binding, fret markings and dots are curly maple. there is a hairline crack three inches to the right of the bridge, and a tiny one on the back. otherwise, it’s close to pristine.

There is a custom Blue Heron soft case included.