1959 Guild M-30 • Iconic • Mahogany • Best Picker/Player Guitar • Insane Tonality

$ 2500.00

This is a 1959 Guild M-30, like Nick Drake’s.
It’s made of mahogany, it has a small stable top crack, see pix.
It has a really low action, amazing tone, a straight neck with the original neckset.
At some point about 20 years ago it fell down and the headstock was broken, not all the way off but broken. It had a pro repair (see pix).
Its been a daily player ever since.
I can’t find any for sale in last 2 years less than 3200.00, mine with the headstock repair is 2500.00.
I believe it has the original semi-soft green lined case, I’ve been using a modern hard case, Both are included if I can find the original case in my collection of cases.