1950 Gibson LG-1, tobacco sunburst, fell on the headstock and broke it. Clean break needs repair!

$ 1375.00

This is a 1950 Gibson LG-1 guitar, Factory order (serial) number inside on the neck block, as seen in the close-ups, dates it to 1950.  I just bought it at the Nashville Guitar Show from the owner who said he had tripped over his dog and fell on the guitar.  So this is a fresh, clean, but serious headstock break.  At least you can have it fixed properly.  It’s not like some amateur repairman has screwed it up, yet.   🙂
We normally offer a 48-hour approval period with moneyback guarantee, but in this case, you are buying the guitar ‘as is’, anyway.   The headstock features the tapered design found on Gibson’s made before 1952, as seen in the close-up of the side of the headstock.    The guitar appears all original right down to the tuning keys.   There are no cracks in the body or neck heal or neck itself.   All the damage appears to be concentrated on the headstock.   

The guitar weighs a light 3 pounds, 8.4 ounces, so it should be quite resonate.  It’s missing its endpin.  The guitar will be shipped in a standard used appropriate sized chipboard case and not in the molded gig bag case, seen in some of the pics.  Instead, you’ll get it in the case seen in the last 2 pictures.