1939 Doitsch Square Neck Hawaiian Guitar Sunburst Big Body Very Nice Sounding Fancy Inlay Harmony

$ 345.00

This is a 1930s Doitsch Hawaiian square Neck made by Harmony. It is a big body and is one of their higher end guitars made with solid flame maple and a nice spruce top, rosewood bridge and finger board (not stained wood) and fancy inlays and headstock overlay. The guitar sets up and plays and sounds very nice, it a square neck so it’s for slide use and has a high nut installed. It also comes with a metal nut and an extra set of bridge pins. Overall condition is very good with no breaks that I can find and the neck has no problems and it uses cross bracing on the top. The low E tuning peg is off the guitar but it is included, the tuners all work but need some oil as they are very tight, that said it tubes to pitch without issues. It’s all original and the finish on the neck, back, and sides is very nice.  The former owner tried to stain the top to be sunburst and did a sloppy job but I think it can be removed and still preserve the finish below. It comes with a nice hard shell case.