1930’s Kay-Kraft Style C. Brazilian Rosewood. X-braced.14 fret. Restored.

$ 1950.00

1930s Kay-Kraft Style C. Restored. Brazilian rosewood body and factory X-raced spruce top. The neck is not the standard issue that Kay-Krafts usually have. I’m assuming it’s a replacement but have of way of verifying it’s originality of or lack thereof. It’s constructed of laminated wood and is a nearly identical profile. It has an original faceplate as well as original adjustable neck bolts and ebony fretboard with inlays. The bridge is a hardwood replacement. There are several repaired, solid and cleated cracks on the top. The top has been over- sprayed on he top around the upper bass-side of the fretboard extension. There is a a maple supporting backing under the top- under the fretboard extension. Rosewood shims have bee added to the concave piece which accepts the convex neck heel. This is to facility the correct neck angle. A fitted rosewood piece has been glued to the underside of the fretboard extension to keep it from bending up – as it can be an issue with these.The back and side were crack-free. The neck is straight with some very slight relief. The original checkered binding has has several cracks along each side. The bone nut appears original. The pick guard is new. The guitar plays easily and buzz-free up the entire neck. The guitar has a clear and balanced tone with good volume. (Please see the links below to the YouTube video and more H.D. photos on Flickr).The ebony fretboard is in fair condition with some bits of few of the inlays missing. It has been re-fretted. The tuning gears are new Planetary banjo gears. Overall, the original finish is in fair to good condition with some marks and scratches. Please take a look at the photos below and again- on my Flickr page listed below with the link. The guitar is completely tight and solid and ready to play. It’s strung with D’Addario Custom Light Phosphor Bronze strings. Please copy and paste the links below to the youtube video and additional HD photos at  Flickr. It comes with a hard case in good condition. The guitar will be packed safely with care. Lower bout-14″, upper bout -9″, nut width – 1 5/8″ scale length 25 3/4″, depth at the butt -3 5/8″ and overall length- 40″. Thanks for looking. I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible with the description and I’m happy to answer any question. Thanks, James.